Modeli IF

Forestry pulleys IF 1000 and IF 2000 are used for smaller loads. They come with fixed, powder-coated side plates that can be rotated around the axle of the wheel, which allows easy and quick positioning of the rope, a galvanized steel wheel with a bearing and a screw-on locking element.

They are specifically adapted for use with nylon ropes. ...[more]


Modeli PRO

OPEN-SIDED FORESTRY PULLEYS PRO10, PRO14 with an attachment ring for a fixing strap come with a galvanized steel wheel with a bearing and allow direct positioning of the rope ...[more]

pulley al-100-150-170

Model AL

Al model pulleys are distinctive for their lightweight yet extremely sturdy design. Suitable to use with wire and nylon ropes. The system allows easy and quick positioning of the rope. The side plates are made from a special aluminium alloy with excellent corrosion resistance. Polyamide pulley wheels are fitted with sealed roller bearings...[more]


Model SRL

FORESTRY PULLEYS SRL-B10, SRL-IF14, SRL-IF16 with rotating side plates and a galvanized steel wheel with a bearing. Easy positioning of rope...[more]


Wire rope pressing DEVICE

Device for crimping wire rope fittings. Rope is placed through the crimp as required, placed inside the die, then struck with a hammer to form the crimp around the cable for a strong join.




ROPE SLIDE SRL-N, SRL-AI for changing direction by means of a quick-to-engage fitting. Suitable to use with nylon ropes. ...[more]

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  • Model AL
  • Model SRL
  • Wire rope pressing device
  • Rope slide

Rope guide

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TYPE Max. permissible force (kN) Wheel diameter Weight
Rope guide K 20 50 mm 1,8 kg
Rope guide G 20 50 mm 2,5 kg